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Self Portrait

I am a Shropshire based Artist living in the rapidly expanding town of Telford, specialising in commissioned Animal Portraits in chalk and charcoal, limited edition canvas prints, photography and Digital Arts.

I have lived here in Telford most of my life, having originally moved here in the seventies with my parents. During my childhood I enjoyed many years of living amongst the beautiful Shropshire countryside, where my early interests in art were greatly inspired by the abundance of wildlife and animals around me.

I have an addiction to Dry Roasted Peanuts and Earl Grey tea and grew up on a diet of 80’s music, movies and TV programs.

Whilst attending Art at college, I developed an interest in Leonardo Da Vinci’s chalk and charcoal drawings, who describes his style as “Sfumato”, a method of shading and blending and “Without lines or borders, in the manner of smoke or beyond the focus plane”, I found the style fitting for my personality and Leonardo became a great influence and inspiration within my own works.

I was also influenced by the great photographer David Bailey, whose black and white portrait photography also uses dramatic contrasts and tones. Like David Bailey, I enjoy bringing the subject close to and sometimes beyond the edge of the canvas, to give the impression of almost reaching out and breaking free from the frame.

My preferred medium for my portrait work and drawings is chalk and charcoal, where I find I can achieve dramatic transitions between light and darkness that capture a sense of atmosphere and realism within the subject.

With my drawings, I aim to capture a representation of the chosen subject that is both detailed and recognisable, but is also distinguishable as a piece of art from a photograph. I work in the belief that if the photograph has already been taken of the subject, why spend a week or a month in replicating the photograph pixel by pixel when the photograph can be achieved within a few minutes and has already been done? I want to be able to give to people my representation of their photographs, a piece of art that is unique and has been created with love and care.

I also have Asperger Syndrome on the Autistic Spectrum which has also helped shape the style of work I do. At times I see things from a very black and white perspective and I become passionate and deeply involved within my work and anything else I like or enjoy doing.

I love all Animals and wildlife and have found that having them in my life has brought a great degree of peace and understanding to so many aspects of it. Animals are so kind and do not judge ones disabilities or differences, they are always happy to see us and always manage to bring a smile to our faces if we are down, they are truly amazing and I believe we as people could learn so much from them in how we treat each other and those around us.

I have three wonderful cats that never cease to amaze me and always make me laugh with their daily antics. My eldest cat Mr Whiskers adopted me whilst I was renovating my house, some years ago. He came wandering in one day as I was working away. He was a real bruiser of an alley cat with scars to show for it, but that’s another story. I also have two beautiful kittens who were both born this year and are the very young brother and sister of, Mr Whiskers.

Through my work, I will be supporting people with Autism and Animals in need, by donating a percentage of the proceeds from any sales to several local and international charities, to help with much needed care and support. Hopefully I can help make a small difference to the lives of those in need by using the skills I have and by doing something I really enjoy doing.

It’s great to be able to share my work with you all and I hope you will enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoy creating it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you keep in touch with any feedback, ideas or suggestions and most importantly just enjoy the work I do.

Best wishes

To purchase any of the art for sale, or discuss a commission, please contact me.