Commissioned Art Overview

The first step is to get in touch with me to discuss your requirements and ideas to ensure that everything will be exactly how you want it.

Commissioned work is booked very much like any other booking on a first come first served basis and all work will be produced in this order.

Each piece of Art or Portrait will be unique and special to you, there will never be another one produced, so it will hold a great deal of sentiment and personal value to you and it is my duty to ensure you will be happy with it and can enjoy it for many years to come.


Once all the details have been decided upon and you are happy, I will send you a quote.

Booking & Deposit

If you are happy with the quote, I will book your Portrait or Art onto the calendar.

A deposit will also be required on receipt of which, a seven day cooling off period will begin during which time your deposit will be fully refundable.

Work Begins

If you would like to see the progress of your Art, I can provide progress pictures for you at various stages, either privately or, if you are happy for it to be shared, on Facebook.


I will let you know as soon as your Art is completed and any outstanding balance will need to be settled. Your Art will then be delivered.


All local deliveries are free and I will deliver your Art in person to you.

For non local deliveries I can also deliver in person, or will arrange a secure tracked courier service for you to be included in your quote.

The Enjoyment

Now all that’s left is for you to sit back and enjoy your Art!


The following information provides an overview of the various sizes and styles of your Art.  We’ll discuss these options in our initial conversation.


Picture Size Guide Information

I produce most of my work to three standard international paper sizes.

A4 being the smallest, A3 and A2.

For sizes outside of these, please contact me with any requests and I will be more than happy to help.

I mainly use natural coloured sugar papers, which are environmentally friendly, durable and provide a nice surface for blending chalks and charcoals together. I find some textured papers and canvases can tend to be a little harsh and not provide the right quality for blending that I prefer.


Paper Sizes & Dimensions

doug-bayliss-picture-size-guideA4  – (Equivalent to one sheet of standard letter, printer paper or lined pad paper)

Dimensions: 21 cm x 29.7 cm

A3  – (Equivalent to two A4 sheets of paper)

Dimensions: 29.7 cm x 42.0 cm

A2  – (Equivalent to two A3 sheets of paper)

Dimensions: 42.0cm x 59.4 cm


Portrait Composition & Orientation Guide

I generally like to fill the canvas with as much of the chosen subject as possible. I find this allows for much finer details that may not be obtainable if the subject is drawn in a smaller size, but everyone has their own personal preference and the choice is entirely yours.

WhiskersFull Body

Most, or all of the entire subject is visible. Props or background items and surroundings may be included or visible if desired.





WhiskersHead & Shoulders

The typical portrait shot, comprising of the subject’s head and face down to the neckline and shoulder area. More finer facial details can be included than on a full body portrait. Some background details may be visible if requested.




WhiskersHead & Face

Most of the canvas is filled with the subject’s face or head. There would be minimal room for background details. This is my preferred composition for finer facial details as I like to capture as much detail within the subject’s eyes as possible and find the eyes can really bring the picture to life.




Picture Orientation Guide

As I mainly use standard international paper sizes for my work, there is also the orientation of the paper or canvas to consider.

One side of the paper or canvas will be longer than the other and can either Portrait or Landscape in orientation.

Most subjects will dictate the orientation of the paper best suited to them, due to their natural shape and in some instances both orientations could be used and it would then be down to your personal choice.


Orientation Guide - PortraitPortrait

The most common orientation for portrait work, as most subjects will fit comfortably and look well presented. Suited for people, most animals, and great for Giraffes!





Orientation Guide - LandscapeLandscape

Used widely for panoramic scenes in photography and is the best suited orientation for landscape Art work. Suitable for any subject that is wider than taller and requires close up detail to be visible.



Price Guide

All standard prices include:

  • A Choice out of two high quality picture frame styles
  • Picture Mounts
  • Hanging cords and fittings
  • Standard faded background
  • One subject
  • FREE Local photo shoot – (If required)*
  • FREE Local delivery**

*Photo Shoot:

If you do not live local and require a photo shoot, please contact me with your details as there may be a small charge to cover travelling expenses.


Non local deliveries are charged at £10.00 per item and will be sent through a traceable secure courier, to ensure your Art reaches you safely and will require a signature on delivery.



A 50% deposit will be required to secure your booking and to allow initial materials to be purchased, remainders of outstanding balances are to be paid upon completion of your work.

Portraits can take between 1-4 weeks to complete depending on size and content to be included, please bare this in mind if considering a commission as a gift to mark a special occasion, to ensure it is completed in time for you.



I currently offer a choice between two frame styles, the first is ‘Wilton’, a more traditional frame finished in brushed charcoal colour and the second is ‘Connolly’ a sleeker modern frame in Black. See below for images of frames.


Framed Sizes & Prices:

A4 – £99.99

A3 – £199.99

A2 – £349.99


Additional Options & Prices:

If you wish to include any of the following extra options with your Art work, the following prices will need to be added to your orders total.


Multiple Subjects:

A4 – £40.00   (For each additional subject)

A3 – £50.00   (For each additional subject)

A2 – £60.00   (For each additional subject)


Detailed Backgrounds:

To include detailed scenery and props behind the subject

A4 – £40.00

A3 – £60.00

A2 – £80.00


Frame Guide:

To showcase your Art to its full potential, it is always nice to have a stylish frame that helps to enhance the art and draw you into the picture.

There is currently a choice of two distinctive styles of frames to choose from when you place your order, the Wilton a classic style moulding and picture frame finished in brushed charcoal colour and the Connolly, a modern sleek moulding with a satin black finish.

Frame Guide Collage

Both frames are made from pine wood from sustainable sources and are glassed with Pilkington float glass. They also come included with black mounts, hardboard backing and will be fitted with D-rings and hanging cord, to enable you to hang it in your chosen location straight out the box.

Your frame is included in the standard commission price at no extra cost, all you have to do is choose which design you want.



Your Art can of course be supplied unframed if desired. You may find you already have a suitable frame just waiting to be treated to a new piece of art or you may have an alternative option in mind.

Please let me know at the time of ordering if you do not require a frame with your Art and your final balance will be adjusted accordingly for you.


To discuss a commission, please contact me.